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Service Level Agreements – Why They Don’t Always Work?

Having worked in IT Services for many, many years, back to a time when Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) were written in quill pen by men by in dark rooms, I have seen bad ones, good ones, inane ones, pointless ones, effective ones and many that were last read by the Microsoft Spellchecker and never again.

It is disappointing that SLA design, development, writing, and most of all ‘active use’ is such a fragmented and seemingly difficult practice to maintain.

Why is this?

Colin Jones ( Associate) has written a document about Service Level Agreements (SLA). You can download it and enjoy it for free. You can also help us to improve it. 

What is your advice about the best way to implement effective SLAs?

Author: Colin Jones (All Rights Reserved by the author).
Source: Original Text (based upon first hand knowledge).
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