In den letzten Wochen hatte ich ein interessantes Gespräch. Wir sprachen über die vielen Seiten des Servicemanagements. Incidents, Problems, Changes , über Sinn und Unsinn sowie die Trainingsindustrie. Natürlich kamen wir auch auf Configuration-Management und CMDB / CMS zu sprechen. (visit source article)

Robert Sieber is a Division Manager of ITSM Products and Consulting at SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH. His specialties are Business and IT Service Management (e.g. ITIL, ISO 20k), Monitoring, CMDB / CMS and Configuration Management. Under the motto: "So much ITIL as necessary, as much common sense as possible," he emphasize the real benefits to the companie.With a 15+ years IT background he worked in different positions within the IT Service Lifecycle. He knows nearly each part of the lifecycle from his own experience.He can be reached on and