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Online MBA Programs in Service Management

Program Information and Requirements

Course materials, audio lessons, video webinars and live Case Study workshop sessions in our online MBA in Service Management programs are all 100% handled through the Digital Learning Platform (the Lifelong Learning Center for successful Service Managers). Although courses may have start and end dates, students have maximum flexibility within that time interval to access and complete assignments.

Students need a multimedia-capable personal computer, productivity software and Internet connection. Schools generally use either an in-house educational content distribution system or a standard system, such as Blackboard.

List of Common MBA in Service Management Courses

Online MBA programs in marketing are generally structured around a set of core courses related to business management and elective courses that cover Service Management.

Market Research Course
Students learn to gather, interpret and present information that help a business understand the consumers they are trying to reach. Sampling, surveys, research methodology and secondary sources are among the topics the course covers.

International Business Course
In this course students gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that come with conducting business internationally. The cultural, political and economic factors that contribute to market conditions and influence consumer behavior are a primary focus of the course.

Service Marketing Course
This course examines the process of attracting and retaining a strong customer base to a company’s service offerings. Topics covered in the course include designing services, delivering services and managing customer expectations.

Career Information for MBA Marketing Graduates
An online MBA program with a specialization in Service Management prepares students for positions as Service Managers and Sales Managers. It may also enhance the career advancement prospects of working service management professionals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of Service Managers will increase 13% from 2008-2018 ( According to, as of 2010, beginning Service Managers earned median salaries of $38,619-$56,969, while Sales Managers earned between $33,836 and $54,128 per year.