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When Your Boss Sides with the Customer


Sometimes Service Managers are involved in situations where they are having discussions with their Customers, explaining some facts or points about the Service they are delivering. Probably the easiest thing for the Service Manager would be to accept the Customer’s complaints, without worrying if they are right or not, and simply give in for free to what they are asking. But if we did this that way, the Customer would think that no matter what he asks, he is going to get it for free. The truth is that Services have a scope, and not always we can give in for free what the Customer asks.

But the problem comes when the Service Managers maintains discussions with the Customer for some variable amount of time, and then, in front of all involved, his boss comes and gives in for free to the demands of the customer.

Of course, the boss chooses the easiest path. This action could have been premeditated, I mean agreed upon before hand. But I am not talking about this scenario. I’m talking about the Service Manager being caught by surprise by the actions of his boss with the Customer.

But the problem is that this establishes a negative precedent for their relationships. More precisely, the future relationship between the Customer and his Service Manager has been diminished, but also the future relationship between the Service Manager and his boss has been damaged.

Lastly, and most importantly, his boss has taken this negative action in public. Remember that congratulations must always be given in public, but reproaches must be given always in private. It would be better that the boss had said to the Service Manager in private that they should reconsider the Customer’s complaints, and suggest to the Service Manager to communicate to their Customer that they had decided to give him what he was asking.

But contradicting the Service Manager should never be done in public.

Have you ever been contradicted in public by your Boss?

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