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“Take Advantage of the Inertia” Tip

In this first release of Lessons Learned, I wish to highlight the most important lesson I have learned from different startup experiences concerned with outsourcing operations to date: “TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE INERTIA” at the onset of the operation.

While starting an outsourcing operation many uncertainties may arise on both sides (customer-provider) and sometimes these questions are translated into a somewhat slow startup service model until existential questions become clearer (usually due to the people who support the signing of the contract are not the same as those who later lead it).

As time passes, the Client will gradually feel more comfortable in his new role (for example if we are in an outsourcing contract, our Client previously had hundreds or persons reporting to him and is now only managing a contract). And later, the Transformation Service (according to the spirit of the contract) will become more difficult.

It is therefore very important to take advantage of “the value of anticipation” from the first minute, thereby demonstratingthat we know exactly what we need to do (methodical accuracy of the Service Transition).

 It is necessary to perform a rapid deployment of all Service Transition tasks to provide the services appropriate to customer’s needs, but without going into long and extensive existential discussions about “how-to-do” things.

By being expedient, we simply need to know it clearly. And to be clear, you need to have had previous experience on other occasions. As Albert Einstein said, “Knowledge is experience, everything else is just information”.

In conclusion, the Transition Team and Transformation Team should be specialists. They should not be a different one each time because “time is money” at the startup of an outsourcing operation.

What is your advice about the best way to startup a Service?

Author: angelberniz (All Rights Reserved by the author).
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