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Our Experience in Communicating SLAs to Users

When it comes to communicate SLAs to users, my team’s experience is that when you share with users the expected date/time of resolve an incident or a change, and you are good reaching the SLAs, you’ll not receive an extra information demand from users but a reduction of calls claiming a solution before the SLA contracted with your customer.

On other hand you get an improved users satisfaction because their expectation about the service has been regulated within the limits that you contract specifies for your SLAs.

Of course, it is not a good idea to involve the user in legal slang and contract SLAs terms. What I suggest is elaborate simple messages for communicate when can the user expect to be solved his/her issue.

Right now we are involved into a project of communication improvement for one customer with >10k users and one of the measures involved is inform the users of the average resolution time.

Previously, we agreed with the client in order to communicate to the user the average time being measured, we chose the types within were less time variations (over 80% of total). This guarantees that we would hit the data that we provided to the user as to when would be resolved your request.

We articulated some work instructions for Service Desk in order to:
a) Standardize the message given to the user according to the type of their requests.
b) Provide service desk agents the tools to provide adequate time for each typology.
c) We also added additional control to notify the agent when a given forecast is about to failing to provide the user a new forecast before your call.

During deployment of the measure, we will analyze various ratios:
– % of informed requests that have been fulfilled or violated the forecast
– % of claims made by the user within the forecast period
– % of claims made by the user within the forecast period
– User satisfaction regarding if the information was or wasn’t helpful to them.

This experience is the result of a team in which each member has been contributing their ideas and expertise in Service Management. I hope our experience will helpful for all of you.

What’s your strategy to communicate SLA to users?

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Author: Bernardo Esteban (All Rights Reserved by the author).
Source: Original text (based upon first hand knowledge).
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