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My Best Tip for Building the Service Catalog #SMFlashBook

In order to build an adequate and frequently updated Service Catalogue to fulfill the Users requests you have to go through the following:

1. Business Strategy: Once Business is setting up for new strategy, ITIL Team should involve at that moment in order to set an innovative approach to reach strategy goals and objectives by offering suitable service. Then this Service is breaking down to small pieces. E.g. if Business Objective aim to cut cost to 40 % for coming five years, IT may need to deliver new service such as Reporting Analysis (BI) solution in order to manage expenses in further depth and details.

2. Projects: at end of each project and specifically on project closure check list – the project Manager must state that’s if new project will update/ add new Service to the services Catalog or not; If yes, full information of Service Catalog should be provided with full documentation.

3. Changes: Change Manager have to analyze if changes will impact a service in catalog ; to update service catalogue accordingly, therefore one of workflow steps of change is to update service catalog if any.

4. User / Customer Demand: Analysis the users demand by using Service Desk, find what is the most requested in system ,reshape & Packing it up in ordinary manner by

i. Creating Procedures for Service
ii. Create a correct sequential of workflow for the steps.
iii. Automate Procedures through Service Desk System
iv. Evaluate Service quality and customer feedback
e.g you noticed that’s there is Service Requests separated as following for same user:   – Request to have Permission on Workflow Documents System to approve on    certain document
– Request to install Adobe Acrobat Prof, in order to insert annotation
– Later user Request to have Faster Access to Main Office Branch to see All      Document Related.
So these Above Requests can be combine under one Service, as an example:    Administration Documents Approval Service

5. Users Feedback & Experiences, Service OF developing certain era of services and collect user Feedback should be available, and manage in action plan list.
6. Inventory, collect all systems & Assets you have and manage them through CMDB , (configuration Management Data Base) group and set relationship for each and all of CI’s until your reach the top of tree which represent the Service that’s Serve the business.
This exercise which will provide you huge capability to trace from Business Objectives to IT Objectives (and Vice versa) on addition any failure of any of CI’s above you will be so familiar how far impact will be on Service that’s will impact on Business
7. IT Team Job Function , each IT employee hired has purpose to service the business since organization chart for IT is part of Organization strategy , you can divide major IT Team functionality and add them to service catalog as service e.g:
   a. Development Team – Programmer –Building New Report.
   b. Network Team – Network Administrator- Connect Laptop to the internet.
   c. System Administrator
8. Server & System Majors Functionally & Features, each system & Feature that’s system have can be group to be as service.
   a. HR System – Enabling Employee Portal.
9. Permissions, All Authorization and permissions settings is part of service.
After you build an exhaustive list of IT services, you have to display and market your Services in very attractive way as following:
  1. Service Request should be very easily requested without any hassles, minimizing the authorization, and to be based on Job Function
  2. Service should have full description for its purpose, easily to be understand and explain benefits will return to the user , with illustration for service
  3. Any Service has cost, the IT has to inform and aware user how much service will cost, and any case of high cost user manage will be involved to approve the service in order control department expenses and be responsible of user choices. (which will create accountability , and request will be requested in further responsibility)
  4. Service has to be categorized and filtered accordingly to the user whom wants to new service accordingly to his Job Function.
  5. Service Catalog will be very good to represent in IT Employee handbook.
  6. Any new service has to be promoted for related employees only.
  7. Provide capability for search in specific service.
  8. For Each service have been requested, the user have to agree on SLA Agreement, which stated on service clearly.

What is your best tip for building the Service Catalog?

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Author: Ahmad Shami – (All Rights Reserved by the author).
Source: Original text (based upon first hand knowledge).
Image: © dolgachov –
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