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Top 20 Action Items for Improving Your ITSM


  1. Definition of process and standard operating procedures for all IT operational activities.
  1. Definition of responsibilities for every role and ensuring that the roles understand and agree to follow those responsibilities.
  1. Definition of KPIs and metrics, and punctual reporting of the metrics to the management.
  1. Establishment / Improvement of service catalogue.
  1. Identification of VBFs (Vital Business Function) and accordingly developing the HAP (High availability plan), HPP (High performance plan), and good CR (good continuity and recovery) plans.
  1. Definition of risk assessment activities on all VBF every week.
  1. Reduction of emergency changes.
  1. Definition of standard change models for well known changes.
  1. Augmentation of knowledge articles.
  1. Improvement of CMDB.
  1. Elimination of too many approvals in change, configuration and release.
  1. Deployment of monitoring tools.
  1. Definition of SLAs for problem management team – to identify the RCA and perm fixes for recurring incidents.
  1. Defined procedures for handling major incidents and conducting PIR for major incidents
  1. Definition of procedures for proactive problem management
  1. Definition of templates for activities like RCA
  1. Eliminate or reduce the time consuming tasks – using automation (like service requests)
  1. Definition of procedures for facilities management for power supply, temperature, etc.
  1. Definition of quality procedures and conducting weekly quality checks on service desk calls, incident tickets, problem tickets, change tickets, and CI records.
  1. Checking if the tools (ticketing tools, monitoring tools, etc.) are in sync with the agreed SLAs and are working as per the agreed SLAs.