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12 Questions Should Be Answered During ITIL® Implementation Perpetration

As known, the services process improvement in general has common steps starting with understanding the vision by determining the high-level business objectives. The ‘vision setting’ should align the IT department strategy with the corporate general objectives. During the ITIL implementation journey, the consultancy organization has to work closely with the corporate to assess current status, identifying strengths points that can be maximized and weaknesses points that need to be addressed. So, ‘Where are we now?’ is a common question that raised during the ITIL® implementation preparation period when consultancy organization analyzing the current position not only in terms of inter-functional, people, and processes but also in term of service offering, customer, competitions and etc. After that, they moved to answer another common question as ‘Where do we want to be?’ which cares about setting the final output resulting the ITIL® implementation journey.
Between these two questions, the consultancy organization need to pay attention to how achieve quality and governance standards and providing valid measurement matrices that help the corporate to monitor and control its IT services operations. The following questions are not only questions that used to understand the corporate business and plan for ITIL® implementation.

These 12 questions draw the main guide lines, these questions are:

  1. What are a corporate main values, mission and strategic objectives?
  2. What are the main business objectives that IT has to align with?
  3. What is the corporate structure and internal department relationships (differentiation and integrations)?
  4. What are services offered by the corporate and how?
  5. How the IT services support team deals with services interruption?
  6. What is the quality standard applied in organization?
  7. What are the main corporate pain points in general and these related to IT services?
  8. What are the main corporate customers (including internal IT Service customer)?
  9. What are main assets and capabilities the corporate has? (including the people and their experience)
  10. Who are the key ITIL® implantation project stakeholders and what about corporate roles & responsibilities matrix?
  11. What is required service level and quality target?
  12. What are services’ attributes desired and required by each customer group?

It has no matter these questions done individually with each stakeholder or within a focus group sessions. After getting questions answers, the consultancy team have to study answers and observations and prepare for second round of questions that answer any furthers inquires.
These questions are an overview on what you’ll need to focus on generally to prepare for your first ever corporate stakeholders meetings; the specifics of questions details are not provided but should be sought separately in accordance with corporate industry, market and services.