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Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Application Life Cycle Management

The world´s leading Information Technology research and advisory company, Gartner, presents the new Magic Quadrant for ADLM Solutions (Application Development Life Cycle Management).

This tool market arises from the need to cover the planning processes of development activities SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), with the Application Life Cycle Management processes ALM.

So ADLM products are born focused in the software life cycle development activities. This study shows us that this is a constant changing market, that will continue to evolve, and it´s expected an annual growth between 5% and 7% until 2016.

These solutions include the following processes:

  • Definition and management of development requirements.
  • Configuration and Change management (SCCM) (features that allow code versioning and data historic register).
  • Software projects planning oriented to develop agile methodologies.
  • Workitems management.
  • Quality management, including definition and testing, and defect management.

These tools are also characterized for their easy integration between them and with other solutions of software development, whether code compilers, versioning tools or continuous integration automatic.

In this report are analyzed 16 applications that meet the requirements defined by Gartner to belong to this market. 

Gartner Application Life Cycle Management Magic Quadrant

In my work experience as a Consultant I’ve been in contact with new tendencies and market variations and, from my own experience in quality management and knowledge of the best market tools, I help clients to manage their development projects efficiently and to obtain quality software. Nowadays, I work with two tools present in this Gartner magic quadrant and I would like to highlight what this report says about them:

In the challenger’s part, we can see HP with Agile Manager; this could become a very interesting option according to Gartner thanks to the capacity of HP to attract customers and the functionalities of their new tool, HP Agile Manager, having synchronization with HP ALM and Quality Center (ALM market leader), offering more visibility of application development and testing, to improve the collaboration and risk control.

I hope these new functionalities boost this tool to leadership during coming years.

In Niche Players, we can find Inflectra with SpiraTeam, Gartner highlight its simplicity and quick implementation, connected to a very reasonable price.

This is the perfect tool for medium and small companies that are staring to work in quality software management. The most recurrent feedback we get from our clients about SpiraTeam, is the excellent technical support, both during the implementation and application maintenance.

In Summary, current proposals for quality management for development teams stand for their adaptation capability to client’s needs, the visibility they offer during the application development processes and their simplicity, quick implementation and reasonable cost respectively.