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Improve TCO and Competitiveness with Green IT

Green IT initiative (an alternative to ITIL) is not only a “green” or environmental framework in an attempt to build a more sustainable infraestructure; more over, it is a solution that is needed to improve competitiveness.

When it comes to quality and environment, the first thing that comes to mind of many is a bit of bureaucracy, reaching some stamp of approval, and with which later they illustrate their Business Offering.  But Green IT is more than that, it helps to increase competitiveness.

Countries that posses abundant Energy (natural resources or technology to generate it) are always the most powerful. The cost of energy is predicted to keep growing and accumulating higher tax rates (what is profitable today, may not be tomorrow). In this context, now is the time to not only to be effective with ITIL, but also to be more efficient with Green IT. The sum of both is a significant cost savings, and thus also improves business competitiveness.

A clear example of improving competitiveness through energy efficiency and positioning in high levels of business competitiveness is Ryanair. Opinions aside, the reality is that, through an accurate analysis of the fuel needed to operate its flights (a study that may not have been made by their competitors), it has managed to offer its customers the most competitive prices.
Regarding IT operations, everything still needs to be done. The value of equipment is only estimated considering the purchase price, but it is not calculated its TCO (i.e. taking into account energy consumption thereof). As fas as I know, these things are not considered when making the decisions. These pararemeters are not even required of the manufacturer.
Recently, during a visit to France (particularly Bordeaux and Pau), I noticed that many real-state companies in the windows of their shops, at the same time that they present the houses, they also gives the energy classification – very similar to how it is done in Spain for appliances. Again, this is a good example of a TCO analysis of acquisition and not just the purchase price.
In this sense, Green IT is growing rapidly in the market and we can go along or not. But as in the case of Ryanair, others are already moving forward on similar lines.
Specifically, Green IT is to select and implement the processes (within this framework) that are most appropriate for improving the TCO and ROI of a particular business scenario.
At present, the production model of northern Europe seems to be the archetype. There it has been working for longer than anywhere else, improving business competitiveness through quality. Furthermore, specifically for Green IT, it is already a framework and system of professional qualification certifications.
For more information, see the following:
With all this, I hope I have managed to arouse the interest of all readers concerning the world of TCO and improving competitiveness through efficiency with ITIL and Green IT energy efficiency. We have one last topic: operational efficiency with Lean IT. However, that will be addressed in the next article.

What is your advice about the best way to improve Competitiveness?

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