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How to Select The Perfect ITSM Tool

Deploying enterprise processes is not enough in today’s IT fast-paced world. As IT moves to a services-based model, different attributes are demanded by the business.

Selecting an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool which meets business needs is a considerable decision; faced with huge number of tools and vendors, it can be a long and complex process. Whether replacing an existing ITSM tool or creating from scratch, Yet the big challenge for most IT groups is maintaining focus on the primary reason for implementing a ITSM tool, which is to deliver benefit and value to end users; not just to IT.

The perfect IT Service management tool should be made to provide the following features:

  • ITIL framework alignment, Using of an ITIL aligned tool empowers the benefits behind the straightforward features and only makes sense if processes, people, and products (IT services) are truly ITIL aligned. You should be aware that most of ITSM project may take up to a year with not clear scope. So, implemented ITIL aligned ITSM tool can help to save time and money
  • Self-service portal, Today the self service portal for the IT sections is nothing new. The trick is that most portals have been designed by IT with IT in mind. So, the good ITSL vendor has make the self-service portal rabidly and easy for your end users to use, or they simply will not use it. by reducing calls to the service desk staff, the more valuable time will be saved to increase the productivity and service quality
  • CMDB integration, Is there any ITSM tool not integrates with CMDB? I think no, but what’s level of integration we talk about? Let us start with CMDB definition as a single repository that is designed to store many of information system components. The main objective of CMDB is to help an IT staff to understand the relationships between different components and track their configuration. Yes, the CMDB is the fundamental component of configuration management process but it’s one of more (assets) that used in incident, problem, knowledge, change and asset management process.
  • Customization readiness, in effect, implementing a tool with the “Out of the box” features gives the organization a solid foundation and usually shown as a reasonable starting point, especially for organizations that have not defined their processes. But the perfect ITSM tool must be ready for any required customization and perform code changes within the tool.
  • Technology Integration, The main activities are considered with ITSM tool integrations are (Service Level, Configuration, and Financial Management for IT). The perfect ITSM tool must integrate successfully with the Service Level Management component, Directory services tools (e.g. MS Active Directory) and financial tools especially for configuration Items CIs. From other technical perspective the ITSM tool should integrate with notification methods (e.g. Email and SMS) that notify the technical staff that there is something wrong happened.
  • Scalability and Sizing, it’s one of selection criteria you need to pay more attention. In particular, Most of ITSM tool vendors provide the “Standard Configurations” of a small, medium, and large size, and then give some level of detail as to appropriate user counts and monitor response time for each architectural configuration. Whenever possible, you should check the ITSM tool scalability prior to placing it in your environment. Most of ITSM tool vendors provide sizing tool helping IT decision makers to check ITSM tool scalability / sizing features that may be straightforward test or even can be accomplished with little additional work beyond the hardware setup and operating system configuration.
  • Reporting capability, the reports can be used to control, Measure, predict and improve the process performance. The reports also can measure attainment of strategic, tactical and operation performance goal. The ITSM perfect tool should use meaningful metrics (calculation) which help measuring true and accurate process characteristics such as Compliance, Quality, Performance and Value. An organization uses reports to “know” some common practice done inside it. and ITSM tool must help to deliver such as:
    • Measure what they can given available data versus what they should to
    • Focus on operation performance
    • Manually produce reports
  • Cost, ITSM tool has essentially changed the cost battle by reducing the ongoing infrastructure costs, resource costs and maintenance costs. Its not about just the basic amount will pay initially to tool vendor. It’s about HW infrastructures required, other SW tools, supported database, ITSM licenses, implementation agency professional services fees, training, upgrade license (or fees ) and support. The good ITSM tool which can reduce the total cost of ownership TCO and operational cost.
What is your best advice for selecting the perfect ITSM Tool?

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Author: Mohamed Zohair (All Rights Reserved by the author).
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