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Building a Highly Effective Service Desk

Customers demand instant solutions and consistently high quality support, they want exactly what they want and when they want it, their satisfaction is the main target of Building a Highly Effective Service Desk, meet their expectations on timeliness and delivering real value is the optimal performance as a challenge target.

Customers are one of the main contributor part to achieve and being the most cost effective factor for building a highly professional service desk.

When the Customer is dealing with the Service Desk he is the main driving element for the following activities:

  • The number of raised tickets and in particularly the peak volume size of calls.
  • The length of call duration that the Customer spends every time to explain his problem in each call request.
  • The quality of his awareness and knowledge about the exact symptoms of the happened problem.
  • Did he collect previously the need logs or snapshots before doing the call?

Advance working with the Customer before starting the escalation process is highly improving driver for the quality and cost of Service Desk support.

A series of key specialized guidance we could introduce to the Customer when he is requesting service assistance for the first time and should to be included as part of the selling process like:

  • Attach a sticker with every purchased Asset (equipment) in a big size including all the necessary information like the equipment model, serial no, order no., etc.. plus any other specific data could be requested from the Service Desk agent during the escalation process.
  • Attach the Asset box with many copies of a simple service form to be filled by the customer in advance before doing his service calls including in sequence order the questions that the Service Desk agent will ask during the call request.
  • Assist Customers to improve their escalation processes by sending periodic emails contain videos and guidance of the escalation process and service practices.
  • Distribute FAQ handouts about how to resolve many issues that could be appear during the usage of the Asset and guidance about understanding of the root cause analysis and the proper diagnostic techniques in a soft and hard copy in advance or as part of the purchased Service Catalogue documents.
  • Allowing the Customer to log his own calls (through the web) and to see the progress of his issues, by offering free service account including user name and password in the company web page to one or many of his service staff.
  • For big and important service contract insist to allow the authority of raising the service tickets for the only whom certified engineers by delivering a free and simple certification completion procedure per each Asset or for the whole portfolio, the certified users are more efficient during the opening ticket process.
  • Create realistic SLAs and a Service Catalogue without over promising for the resolution target time or be very generous of offering free of charge  defective parts service replacement and effectively manage the adherence and performance expectations based upon the defined Service Levels. When you define the Services, ensure that you focus on holistic services or experiences rather than component pieces to avoid as much as you could the mess ordering escalations which mostly has to be go to the purchasing team without passing the Service Desk.

Reducing the overall volume of transactions presented to the Service Desk will reduce the total workload, it is a good thing to achieve, these reductions will be realized as cost savings and reduced customer wait times improving the quality of service.

What’s your best advice for Building a Highly Effective Service Desk?