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Understanding Our Customers and Persuading Them

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Ernest Dichter was the “father of motivational research”. He applied Freud concepts and techniques to business, studying the cosumer behaviour.

Today we are going to talk about the Ernest Dichter legacy for Service Managers.

Dichter was the author of 17 books, including:
  •      The Handbook of Consumer Motivations
  •      Motivating Human Behavior
  •      The Naked Manager
  •      Packaging, the Sixth Sense?: a guide to identifying consumer motivation
  •      Total Self-Knowledge
  •      Getting Motivated
  •      The Strategy of Desire
  •      How Hot a Manager Are You?
  •      Marketing Plus: finding the hidden gold in the market place

Nowadays, in the Service delivery field, most of the principles and techniques of Dichter can be applied to improve customer satisfaction about the overall Service perception.

Because services are intended to be used by human beings, we can explore their motivations and behavior patterns and build more attractive and desirable Services.

Image of service delivery, from The Psychology of Everyday Living, by Ernest Dichter (1947)
Successful Service Managers need to apply also psychology and marketing to deliver the best services to their customers, in terms of: 
  • Understanding the customer perception of the service
  • Treating them with the maximum respect, because they are the reason of our delivery.
  • Communicating and responding to their requests promptly and efficiently.
  • Being able to deal with requests in an appropriate manner.
  • Asking the correct questions so you can understand customer needs in order to deliver the best service.
  • Remaining committed to helping
  • Taking into account the customers needs rather than your own
In summary, Dichter stressed the importance of image and persuasion in advertising. His view can be also applicable for Service Managers in their everyday and especially in the Service Catalogue definition, to improve/enhance the consumer motivations to acquire our services. 
What is your advice about the best way to persuade our Customers?