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ITIL Manifesto – The ITSM Community is Moving! #ITILManifesto #SMExpertTALK

The #ITILManifesto is here!

Some months ago we started the new monthly #SMExpertTALK for discussing with the ITSM community on “What is missing on ITSM?”, we chosed an Open Webinar format. Our initiative is focused in opening a big discussion on identification of new improvement opportunities in current ITSM best practices and working together for improving them.

Now a new the #ITILManifesto initiative has taken the same idea in a Wiki format. According to AXELOS, “The Manifesto has been created to capture the thoughts of the ITSM community and is designed to gather ideas about ITIL v4 – what it should be and what it shouldn’t be.”

As our idea is joining the ITSM Community, we have found great synergies between both formats (Webinar and Wiki). We will be discussing online in our #SMExpertTALK Open Webinars about “What is missing on ITSM?”, and we will submit our conclusions to the #ITILManifesto initiative. So that, both projects can be compatible and provide great value to the ITSM Community.

CLICK HERE to Join the #SMExpertTALK