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Vote for the 2013 SM AWARDS

Dear all,

We are still in the period for voting for the 2013 SM AWARDS. We will accept votes until the 15th of December.

The SM AWARDS is the recognition of the international community for the Impact of the knowledge shared by our Experts through their articles published at These highly professional distinctions are:

  • SM Of the Year (Most Trusted and Reputed)
  • Award for Excellence
  • Award for Innovation
  • Award for Influence
  • Award for Impact
  • Award for Contribution

All you have to do is read again our published Articles and share them using our Social Buttons. All the Views and Comments will add more Impact to the Articles and therefore more options to the Experts to win our SM AWARDS.

The SM Of the Year (Most Trusted and Reputed) will be given to the one most voted. The other 5 awards will be given to the next 5 ones most voted, also according to their contributions.

The SM AWARDS will always be kept accessible in our website’s main menu, so it is a very distinguished recognition. 

Best regards,

FOOT NOTE – Remember:

  • AWARDS: evaluate an annual period of your career, the Impact of your contributions for the SM community.
  • TOP-TEN: evaluate your last quarter cumulative contributions for the SM community. It is your current Experts Ranking position to win one of the years’ SM AWARDS.