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Why Did I Become an Incident Manager? – Andrea Cowan

Andrea Cowan is a member of the ServiceManagers.Org community. She shares his story on why he became an Incident Manager in the following interview:

Why did you become a Incident Manager?

I was promoted into the position of Incident Manager.

What work were you doing previously?

Call Center Analyst.

What are you doing now?

Work on a Enterprise Service Desk for the Department of Labor (contractor).

When was the moment you decided to make the change?

A year ago.

Are you happy with the change?


What do you miss and what don’t you miss?

As an Incident Manager I am still problem solving for customers as I was a Customer Support Analyst.

How did you go about making this career move?  

Applied through my company for the promotion.

What didn’t go well? What ‘wrong turns’ did you take?

There is a learning curve between being a CSA and a Incident Manager I am still learning.

How did you handle your finances to make your change possible?

What was the most difficult thing about changing?

The commute

What were other difficulties and how did you overcome them?

I understand the ITIL process but the terminology I am getting used too.

What help did you get?

I’m reading and taking the initiative of learning ITIL and other faucets of Incident Management.

What have you learnt in the process?

Taking ownership of my work immediately.

What do you wish you’d done differently?

Not going into different directions

What would you advise others to do in the same situation?

Get a mentor immediately.