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The Job of Your Dreams as a Service Manager! Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, …

Service Manager is the job of your dreams, you are going to have opportunity to work everywhere, in every industry, in every company whatever its size, wherever there is a product or service to do there is a place for you and role to play, you will be able to create your own opportunities in organizations of all sizes.

Service Managers ensure that the needs of customers are being satisfied, their main target is to provide excellent customer service and to promote this idea throughout the organization they work for, and they may work at various levels, from head office to the front end of the business.

Some facts about Service Managers (SM)

  • Most companies invest considerable time and resources on Service Management.
  • SM is a core component of the Shared Services Centers and will continue to be, enhancing productivity for all customers.

Where do Service Managers Come From?

Most Service Managers have previous experienceworking in customer related roles, for example, on an IT service desk, some team leading experience is also a common feature of job descriptions, handling customer complaints or any major incidents.

Job Titles

The Service Manager job title is varying widely from place to other, the most popular names are:

  • Customer Care Manager
  • Corporate Services Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Customer Operation Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager

In each of these roles, customer service managers are expected to understand and satisfy their customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

Key Knowledge and Skills

The service part of Service Management entails a strong degree of customer focus; the purpose of this role is to ensure that all business customers are serviced on time.Service Manager should be a motivating people manager with highly effective organisational abilities, a good level of IT literacy, experience of managing service teams and technically competent in service processes with appropriate qualifications and experience of the relevant standards.

How to create a Branded Resume

You can shorten the length of your job search significantly by the best resume, clear cover letter and well defined job search strategies, you are poised for success, you need to have  roadmap about how and where to go.

Three Magic words will be highly recommended to be included within your C.V. and the cover letter, the first word is ITIL certification – Foundation or higher (Either you get it or in your way to complete it), the second word is SLA (Service Line agreement) and how you use it to provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all levels, the third is the Scorecards and how you generate them to measure the service and team performance and how presenting the results to the high level management.

Job market Income information

Salaries depend on experience, the industry size and service type.

Service Manager Earnings is usually between $45,000 and $80,000 a year

  • Average salary is about $61,000 per year
  • Top salaries can reach $100,000 or more

Below are two sites could be used as guideline for income.

How to get a Service Manager Job in Linkedin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, and more

You could type in Google search banner “Service Manager” or “Service Manager Region XX” if you want the Job at a certain region or “Service Manager Industry XX” if you look for Job in specific industry or “The rest of Service job titles” like in the above Title paragraph, you’ll find interesting companies and lot of Job opportunities according to your close Radar Job search.

Also you could access the below famous websites for job vacancies search: