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IAITAM, PROZM or ServiceManagers.Org – ITAM (IT Asset Management) Certification Programs Research Report

In today’s regulatory and economic environment it has become increasingly important to enroll in an IT Asset management program. Such programs will not only support life cycle management and strategic decision making in today’s IT world, but also enable professionals to develop better control over the IT assets.  A number of IT Asset Management certification programs are available and it becomes quite a daunting task to figure out which is the best suited according to your needs and requirements.

In this article we will discuss a few certification programs and how choosing the right program can help you to take control over the IT Assets of your organization.

PROZM™ ITAM Certifications

One such certification program is offered by PROZM™ ITAM Certifications. They provide assessment, consulting, advisory services in contractual, intellectual property and asset management domain. But this certification is more suited for veteran professionals who have gained better insight through their experience. They want to educate experienced practitioners about the advantages of using legal and licensed software.


International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, Inc. (IAITAM) is another professional association which provides variety of certification programs for professionals. Their areas of expertise includes, IT Hardware & Software Asset Management fields. With time they have developed various certifications programs, but when we are talking about IT Asset Management field their certifications programs are not very well rounded. The duration of the courses is long which makes it in-convenient for professionals to take out the time. IAITAM has also appointed APMG-International in order to conduct the accreditation of training organizations who wish to offer training for various IAITAM certifications.  The certification fees for these programs is pretty high. Software Asset Management Certification (SWAM)

Another organization which offers certification program is The main area of their focus is Software Asset Management and how to face challenges and variables that Software Asset Managers face almost every day.

After analyzing various certification programs it can be seen clearly that all these programs have certain weaknesses and unable to meet the demands of the IT professionals.

ServiceManagers.Org Certified IT Asset Management Professional™ (ITAMP™)

ServiceManagers.Org provides a complete ITAM Certification Program for becoming a Certified IT Service Management Professional (ITAMP™) which have a balance of all the critical elements that are required in Successful IT Asset Management (ITAM) programs. Emphasis is given on the three critical elements which is Technology, People and Processes. Their ITAMP™ certification program covers the best practices which are required to develop asset management strategies and also enable the professionals to identify the risks and technology requirements which evolve over time. The ServiceManagers.Org ITAMP™ certification program is based on an Online Exam which will help you to access the level of expertise you have reached after completing the study of the official book course (or attending a course from one of their Associates). In the certification program a lot of attention is given to process refinement, which can provide meaningful information to your business changes.

The program has to offer:

  • ITAM Processes
  • ITAM Implementation
  • ITAM Tools Design
  • Metrics for ITAM
  • Best Practices in the Industry
  • Checklist for IATM

The ITAM knowledge provided in their certification program offers a powerful and rich approach that can help professionals in various organizations to gain much better control over the various components within their IT architectures. For beginners it is much important to focus more on the processes, rather than implementing the various asset management tools. The certification program by ServiceManagers.Org has been devised by adopting this approach.