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IMP™ Exam and ‘Guidance for Incident Management’ Book – an Incident Management Professional’s Opinion

Certified Incident Management Professional™(IMP™) is a certification for all those people who are looking for a grooming career in Incident Management. This exam is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) with 40 questions, and the questionnaire is very tricky covering all the aspects of Incident Management; one should have deep knowledge of Incident Management and must be aware of in and out of Incident Management process flow.

The book from Kiran Kumar Pabbathi – Guidance for Incident Management was a great help to clear this examination. My personal recommendation to all of you is to refer this book as it’s a must read book for all the IM Professionals for deeper understanding of Incident Management.

This certification will definitely boost your career in IM. It will help you project yourself as a certified professional both in the organization as well as in competitive IT market. IMP™ will enhance your knowledge in Incident Management and help you focus on the key factors and bridge up the gaps in the IM process in your organization. Guidance for Incident Management will help you understand all the aspects of IM like sizing the IM teams, how to do the prioritization, what are major incidents, how to deal with major incidents, how to implement IM process, how to improve IM process, and how to do IM ticket auditing. Also this book covers the niche knowledge areas like what are incidents in cloud, incident analysis in clouds, and measures to avoid incidents in clouds.

My personal opinion:

I will definitely make use of all the knowledge gained from IMP™, and will make adequate changes in our Incident Management process and operations with respect to my projects. Post completion of this certificate, I can identify a lot of scope for improvement in my projects in various aspects.

I am honored to be the part of and would like to thank all the people working behind it to make it a great success. A special thanks to Angel Berniz and Kiran Kumar Pabbathi for providing me this opportunity to be the part of


Vijay Bhandari – ITIL® Foundation, IMP™ (Certified Incident Management Professional™)

Incident Management Professional in TCS, Hyderabad, India.