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“PDCA for ITIL” by Kiran Pabbathi (Book Review)

Recently, I have read the book “PDCA for ITIL” written by Kiran Kumar Pabbathi, and now I am going to share my experience with you.

This book really is about PDCA. The greatest value-added from this book, compared to others about earning an ITIL certification, is that it is focused on ITIL® processes implementation. For each of the processes, it describes all four phases that a process implementation project should follow (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

The overall book is written in a very schematic way, in that I think that it helps also to use it for fast implementation guidance. This schematic approach makes it easy to read and also find what we are looking for.

For each of the processes it covers a standardized structure of common points:

  1. Basic terminology
  2. Overview of the process
    1. Objectives
    2. Business Needs
  3. Implementing the process
    1. Prerequisites
    2. Plan
    3. Do
    4. Check
    5. Act
  4. Measures
    1. Metrics
    2. CSFs
  5. Process Workflow

It is important to understand that this guide tells you only “what” to do, but not “how” to do it. I mean, within its 300 pages, the scope is so wide (all ITIL® processes from the 5 official books) that it is not possible to detail how to measure the metrics proposed, or how to draw the process workflow (the workflows are described only in text).

But, in any case the information provided by this book is more clear and accessible for working faster than with the official ITIL® books (which are more descriptive). So, I see this book as a checklist for all the important points any ITIL® implemention project should to follow to succeed.

In summary, I think this guide can be very helpful for all ITSM Consultants and Service Managers working on an implementation of ITIL® processes. I highly recommend it.

PDCA for ITIL” is been published by TSO (UK) and it is available HERE and also HERE. I hope you will find it valuable as well.

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