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The Top 10 Best Enterprise Asset Management Books (Research Report)

Enterprise Asset Management is associated with the managing assets of any enterprise which encapsulates various facilities, departments and geographical locations. It is associated with various techniques for the optimization and holistic control, which includes the design, operations and replacement facility. Enterprise Asset management (EAM) can lead to reduced costs and improved asset decision making. In this article we will provide a review about the most anticipated books on Enterprise Asset Management, which will provide assistance to everyone interested in the matter, as for example SAP consultants.

  1. The first book of my review is Guidance for Enterprise Asset Management by Kiran Kumar Pabbathi. This is one of the best books available which discusses the processes required for managing the enterprise asset aiming at optimum utilization of assets, reducing the costs, effectively tracking the assets and configuring the right asset disposal mechanism. The key feature of this book is that it provides the guidelines for implementing the EAM process and provides checklists for management and operational teams.
  2. The New Asset Management Handbook by Industry Experts is another excellent recommendation for someone who manages the assets of his organization. This book helps to create a new way of thinking about how your organization manages its assets.
  3. Asset Management by Telli Van der Lei and Paulien Herder is good book to create the strategic concept of asset management. The life-cycle perspective which is an important and essential element in physical asset management, runs as the most significant thread in this book.
  4. Asset Management Excellence by John D. Campbell, Andrew K.S. Jardine and Joel McGlynn provides insight about efficient optimization of assets with the ever changing nature of business. This book provides a combination of practical and deep information for maintaining and optimizing the assets of any enterprise.
  5. Global Asset Management by Michael Pinedo and Ingo Walter is very good book which collects the views of experts on the complex and dynamic issues that confront the global asset management industry. This book provides an insight to the value which is being crated in the diverse asset management sector.
  6. Workforce Asset Management by Lisa Disselkamp is considered as the ‘Book of knowledge’ by the experts in the Industry. It is considered as great resource for workforce asset management professionals, as it defines the impactful role of time and labor management technology.
  7. Asset Management by Chris Lloyd is a good read for someone who is new in the field of Asset Management. It comprises various important aspects like strategic decision making, trading-off whole life costs and benchmarking for changing attitudes.
  8. Efficient Asset Management by Richard O. Michaud and Robert O. Michaud is a must-read for investment managers. This book provides an exciting and innovative approach to asset construction. It provides the practitioner with a new dimension for incorporating value-added investment judgments in the portfolio-building process.
  9. Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management by Terry Wireman provides an insight about Maintenance Management problems. This book provides a framework for options, allowing maintenance decision makers to choose the most successful way for them to manage their business.
  10. Strategic Asset Management by Clive Deadman explores the new techniques which are being used by leading utilities which are relevant to everyone regulating, supplying or working in the utility sector. Different case studies are discussed in this book which show how and why different organizations, even within the same industry may be implementing different asset management systems.