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Guidance for Incident Management Book Review – by a Service Management Professional

It has been a pleasure reading this fantastic book called “Guidance for Incident Management” by Kiran Kumar Pabbathi, a ITSM Practitioner from Hyderabad, India.

This book is Published by, and is available through Amazon –

General Overview

The book has 6 chapters divided into sub-sections detailing into various aspects of incident management, and is about 155 pages of Interesting content.

Kiran starts with Introduction to Incident Management, covering Basic terminology and objectives of Incident Management, and DMAIC DMADV

The Author takes a Pragmatic Approach, across the chapters in the book.

Rest of chapters’ deal with the detailed ITIL Incident Management topics like Incident Management Operations, Gamification for Incident Management, Metrics and CSFs for Incident Management, Incident Management for Consultants and Management, and Incident Management in the cloud.


From my experience the book is easy to read and understand, and is easily organized.

This book would serve as a ready reference to anybody interested in IT Service Management and Incident Management in particular.

I feel this is a complete cookbook on Incident Management, and shows step by step on how Incident Management has to be Assessed and Implemented. Another good thing that I found in this book is Roles and Responsibilities for Incident Management. The roles covered are Incident Manager, Major Incident Manager, and Incident Analyst.

Also, the book offers Best Practices, Implementation, Metrics and CSFs that may be useful for Practitioners.

The book offers a checklist to Incident Management Staff and Priority Calculation for Incidents which according to me is very good.

Other areas of the book cover Gamification for Incident Management, Reports for Incident Management, Improving the process, Integrating Incident Management into other ITSM Processes and Functions.

Final sections of the book cover Incident Management over the clouds and advice on Incident Management Operations.

And the book ends with Interview Questions for Incident Management Profiles, which is welcome addition to this book.

I found this book an interesting read; it cleared my doubts on Incident Management, If you looking for decent book for yourself and your team, I’d absolutely recommend this book.


I would give about 4.9 out of 5 rating for this book..!