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“Focus on IAM” by Kiran Pabbathi (Book Review)

Focus on IAM” book helped me to explain Identity and Access Manager solutions to my customers in the best-simplified manner ever.  I am really glad that I came across this book and have read it thoroughly before recommending it.

I found it an interesting read. Especially if you are looking for more quality, and efficiency from your teams, I’d absolutely recommend this book.
I recommended this book for all individuals who are in Security and User management vertical and use Identity & Access Management in their daily part of work activities.

I am so impressed with the authoring; I have referred it to be available to all the TCS internal libraries in India. I am also looking forward to help it grow global within my organization’s libraries at international level, as it is a must have on the shelves labeled IT Security or User Management.

The book has step-by-step guide to the implementation of Identity and Access management processes, which are very helpful for IAM consultants and managers too. It also has checklists, workflows, business logics and data architecture which is very helpful to understand how the IAM tools work in a very best simplified manner I know.

This book can be very handy for Solution Architects who focus on pure technical aspects (in defining the forms, fields, mandatory fields, etc) for IAM tools.

Breaking down IAM into manageable components to ease system wide implementation is the best part I noticed. The hands-on, end-to-end approach includes a proven step-by-step method for deploying IAM tools that has been used successfully in many successful deployments.

I conclude on a good positive note: Focus on IAM book provides end-to-end coverage of IAM from business drivers, requirements, design, and development to implementation”

I wish Kiran Kumar the father of this book, all the very best and Congratulations! on doing such a great job. It needs lot of knowledge to do so.