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SM Tutorials & Certification

ServiceManagers.Org India-Bengaluru Chapter

Welcome to the ServiceManagers.Org India-Bengaluru Chapter! Here you can find all the events and contents performed by our Local Chapter.

President: Satish Kini

Board of Directors: 

  • Ayilur Ramnath – Vice President & Director – Membership
  • Kiran Kumar Pabbathi – Director of Programs
  • Raja Desikan – Director of Training & Certification


Email: [email protected]

Meeting information: contact by email for meeting information

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We share here new contents in a regular basis and we also meet physically twice a year. We also run online webinars & events. If you are interested in joining us, do it in just 1-click, and you will get notified of upcoming events: JOIN-THIS-CHAPTER

ServiceManagers.Org Bengaluru Chapter offers to its members a number of valuable benefits, including: [checklist]

  • Membership in a professional worldwide community of Service Managers.
  • Shared ethics and standards of excellence.
  • Unified standards for training and accreditation.
  • A meeting place where potential Service Managers can learn about Service Management.
  • A virtual meeting place where potential Service Managers can learn about Service Management.
  • Access to best practices and new developments from around the world by being a participant on the monthly chapter leadership calls.
  • Connection to other Chapters, their experience and their learning.
  • Opportunity for leadership growth.
  • Research and resources.
  • Share in the development and advancement of the profession.
  • SM’org Chapter Benefits (
  • Especial Bengaluru Chapter Benefits (
  • Networking.
  • Expand and support the Chapters
  • Support Members in cities where Chapters are not present
  • Promote through online media such as Webinars and social media activities
  • A PDF Magazine every Quarter publishing Service Management Articles
  • Service Management Clinics every Quarter on each of the burning service management issues..!

[/checklist] Chapter activity: