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Become a Volunteer Associate! (R.E.P./A.T.O.): ServiceManagers.Org Associates Program

ServiceManagers.Org offers great Volunteer Associate opportunities!

If you are a freelancer Recruiter, Trainer, Consultant, Coach or Expert; or even if you are a small business, you can join our Team as a:

  • Associate Recruiter / Headhunter
  • Associate Trainer
  • Associate Consultant
  • Associate Coach
  • Associate Expert
  • Associate Center (ATO)

We will authorize you to use our official logos and you will be listed as our Associate:

As an Associate, you will become bigger, belonging to an organization with global presence. Furthermore, we will check and make sure that high Quality will be delivered under our brand, and this will also be a guarantee for your Clients. All our programs are certified by, and accredited by the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC). We apply the IIEC COOL™ (Collaborative Open Online Learning™) Top Quality Method.

Working together is as easy as 3-simple-steps:
1.- Provide students with our Official Book (only in case we have published a book for this course)
2.- Get the official training material from our Marketplace (you need to pay a fee to the IP owner -may be SM’org or any of our associates-, or build your own courseware)
3.- Register students for taking their official exam at


Becoming an Associate, also know as R.E.P. (Registered Education Provider) or A.T.O. (Accredited Training Organization), is 100% FREE if you are a regular contributor.

As an associate, you are required to be a regular contributor to the community, on a voluntary basis. Depending on your interest you can become Associate as a Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Recruiter, Expert or Center (ATO). Being an Associate of is about establishing a regular Win-Win relationship, built upon mutual Trust. You can choose one of the following roles within the community as a volunteer:

  • Regular Recruiter: who offers positions and first searches for candidates within the community.
  • Regular Author: who establishes a commitment for writing on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Content Editor: who searches for more authors and helps them to publish with us.
  • SIG Leader: who builds and leads a Special Interest Group (SIG) on any specific topic about Managing Services.
  • Event Organizer: who promotes online events in social networks.
  • Survey Organizer: who promotes online surveys.
  • Brochure Designer: who builds amazing PDF free ebooks compiling our articles.
  • Podcast Reader: who reads our published articles and converts them into podcasts.
  • Video Editor: who creates great videos about our community.
  • Topic Researcher: who researchs content topics. Basically he/she does two things: 1. Finds out what people like/don’t like about similar publications and identifies new tendencies in our profession (trend topics). 2. Searches for links/content that can enhance the reading experience. Both activities are important because they help us create the best possible publications.

  • Developmental Editor: who receives rough drafts (on all new content), cleans up text, points out confusing sections and does a thorough edit on the bulk of a new publication.
  • Proofreader: after the Developmental Editor returns the first edit, we go through the document again and fix any remaining mistakes. Then we send the draft to another person (the Proofreader) for a second proofread.

  • “Live” Proofreader: his task is to download our latest live publication and go over it one last time, fixing the few remaining mistakes that were missed in the first two edits.
  • SM’org Evangelist: who regularly shares in Social Media all of our articles published at
  • Supporter: who doesn’t want to contribute as anyone in the previous roles, and prefers to donate a $149 annual fee to help us to support our monthly costs.

Join our Team of recruiters, trainers, consultants and coaches. “We know how to make it work” (“Sabemos ponerlo en marcha”).

Please, note that these options are not for getting a free advertisement at If you are not interested in using our brand and being an Associate, but instead in having your ad in our website, please ask us for a quotation for being a Sponsor.