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Are You a Blogger?

If you are a blogger, maybe you are interested in distributing our books. You only have to write review articles in your blog about our books and add your affiliate link (this is the link that we will provide you and that identifies you).

We have an Affiliate Program with very good conditions:
  1. If distributor gets us 0-99 annual sales – we will give you 15% for Paperback and 25% for eBooks.
  2. If you get extraordinary annual sales, i.e. 100+ in a year, we can give you 20% for Paperback and 30% for eBooks.
  3. We will be paying annually, and reporting monthly.
  4. At the end of the year, we will require an invoice from you (from a legal entity), so that we can pay you.

Are you interested in becoming our distributor? Write us now to [email protected]